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11 Planet-Friendly Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Cleaning With ENJO

A healthier home. Better cleaning results. Less effort required. More economical than traditional cleaning supplies. Less time cleaning, more time for things you love.  What else IS THERE to know about ENJO?  


In celebration of Earth Day, here are 11 planet-friendly things you probably didn’t know about cleaning with ENJO.

1. ENJO was developed because of an environmental accident

In 1985, innovative entrepreneur Friedrich Engl observed the devastating effects of an oil spill (and chemical clean-up) in Lake Constance, which borders on Austria, Switzerland and Germany. He wanted to find a way to clean up the oil that didn’t involve aggressive cleaning agents, which can have a negative impact on the environment. Friedrich attempted to separate oil from water using textiles, and in the process, he discovered a way to clean surfaces pore-deep.

2. ENJO HQ has been Climate Neutral since 2015, and is now Climate Positive.

For over 30 years, ENJO has been taking steps to protect the environment.


In 2015, ENJO International joined the Climate Neutral Alliance and has since been 100% Climate Neutral. This involves reducing the carbon footprint in many different ways, and any unavoidable footprint has been offset by a reforestation project in Nicaragua.


This year, ENJO has taken the step to become Climate Positive – while we continue to find ways to reduce our footprint, we have increased reforestation to 10% beyond the footprint offset.

3. Produced local, ship as green as possible

The Vorarlberg region of Austria is the home of over 200 textile companies who carry out a 400+ year old tradition of innovation and sustainability. ENJO’s manufacturers are all located here to reduce the impact of raw product shipping to the ENJO production facility, where expert seamstresses hand-sew ENJO products with love.


Once they are made, ENJO products are shipped across the world with the greenest possible shipping options: By train and ship.

4. ENJO production doesn’t create any negative impacts

ENJO’s production produces zero waste water, zero emissions, and zero toxic waste.


All waste created (imperfect products, trimmings and cast-offs) are shredded and recycled.


The production facility also uses green electricity, and staff are encouraged to travel to work through emission friendly methods:  bike, walking or electric vehicle.

5.  ENJO is ISO certified

ISO 14001 is a group of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment, comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements, and continually improve.

6. ENJO eliminates all packaging possible

As part of our commitment to sustainability, ENJO has eliminated all possible packaging in producing and shipping our products.  Your products arrive to your home unpackaged, with the exception of our all-natural helpers, which are bottled using the least amount of plastic possible.

7.  Cleaning with ENJO in your home eliminates waste

ENJO takes your cleaning routine and makes it zero-waste: Disposable sponges, wipes and cloths are eliminated, as well as chemical cleaner bottles, cans, and of course, paper towels.  ENJO is a high-quality product that is designed to be reused and to clean effectively for about 3 years.

8.  ENJO requires less water to clean

Cleaning with ENJO is simple:  A wet, wipe and dry process using just water means no rinsing and no running water is necessary.  
Additionally, ENJO fibres work only with cold water, so no resources are required to heat water for cleaning tasks.

9.  ENJO prevents chemical pollution

Every year, millions of toxic cleaning chemicals are used, which impacts our sewage systems and septic tanks, as well as our groundwater and waterways, which has an impact on plant life and wildlife.

With ENJO, no cleaning chemicals are used, leaving our waterways healthier and reducing our impact on the creatures and plants we share the Earth with.

10.  ENJO products have a cradle-to-cradle lifecycle

ENJO is all about reducing waste when it comes to cleaning and we work with our clients to do it! When ENJO products have been used for 3 years and are ready to retire, our ENJOpreneurs will take them back. These retired fibres are taken back to Austria for upcycling into car seat stuffing, insulation or agricultural sheeting.

11. ENJO is a brand that gives back

Understanding and working towards minimizing our impact on the environment is important, which is why we’re always seeking new ways to make a positive difference.  This year in celebration of Earth Day, ENJO Canada will be planting one tree seedling for every order placed from April 22-30, 2022.