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How To Earn $250 In 5 Hours


We all need a little extra cash from time to time – whether it’s for the Holiday Season, for the kids’ activities, or to put toward unexpected bills. This is why so many women are looking for a flexible small business and one that pays a good income for their time!

The search is over.

The secret to getting those extra funds all comes down to sharing – not selling.


When starting a business, most people think three things: Will it be hard? Will it take all my time? And “I am not a sales person”.  With ENJO, you can be confident that earning an income will be simple, YOU decide how much time you’ll put into it, and no, you don’t need to be a salesperson!

(That few people talk about)

Ok, we’ll say it – the easiest way to do business is Direct Selling! Direct selling is an industry that represents and supports quality brands and is sold directly to the consumer. That means, there’s no physical storefront, and no inventory required. However, the products in Direct Selling, as well as the people, are top rate.

Direct Selling has been around for over 100 years in North America, and it becoming more popular among ALL generations, as people seek more flexible earning options, and as the job economy evolves.


Direct Selling lets you work independently – on your own schedule, and to suit your lifestyle – but you’re selling products from a recognized and reputable company.  This makes it easy for you because you can’t buy the items in stores, but the brand has made them well-liked.

Your national advertising and special offers are already designed for you, as well as training and mentorship – it’s all built into the business you invest in. This means you don’t have to dedicate all your time to building a brand, and doing advertising – you can spend as little as 5 hours a week and earn an income right away.



When it comes to business, working less but earning more is a big benefit – and that comes down to sharing with a group of guests at a Home Demo.


As the business owner, you have many ways to earn money. Your main business is the Home Demo, which is easily supplemented by one-on-one demonstrations, as well as through repeated orders on products that are consumed – an Autoship program can help to build continued income from month to month! As you build your business and teach others about having their own business, you can earn a Leadership Bonus on your team’s sales as well.


With a Direct Selling business like ENJO, you’ll earn a minimum of 20-25%, so if you did just one Demo per week, you can expect to earn about $250 a week. Social selling – showing products on Social Media, doing Customer Care and participating in Community Events – can help to build your client base and paycheque.


These days, everything is viewed based on public opinion and referrals. “Where did you get those shoes?” “Have you seen this movie?” “What did you think of that restaurant?”

If you love a particular brand or product that you already use, you’re probably already recommending it to friends, and in essence, that’s selling it. ENJO is no different – as a matter of fact, many of our successful ENJOpreneurs started their business because they were already sharing it with their friends and family!  As an ENJOpreneur, your job is to share the product that you are passionate about. When you share it, people learn and therefore make better decisions – harmful chemicals are removed from homes, the environment benefits, and you’ll earn an income.

We are on a mission to share the benefits of ENJO with the 14 Million homes across Canada. Are you ready to help?

If earning an income for a few hours of work per week sounds good to you, or if you’re ready to take on running your own full-time business, then you can be just a few steps away from earning right now.

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