ENJO Canada

How to create an ENJO business and live the ENJOlife

These days, when so many Canadians looking for extra income, exploring the different options (for extra work) is important. There are more options than ever before, from part time jobs to side gigs, to small businesses and even passion projects.


When it comes to ENJO, we get it: You might be wondering if Direct Selling is for you. You might be feeling unsure that you can turn your enthusiasm for ENJO into a viable business.


It’s SO much easier than you think and we’re beside you every step of the way.

Let’s take a look at what being an ENJOpreneur means, what you’ll do, and how you can earn an extra income while inspiring people and doing your part for the planet.

cyndy king wed

“My family respects and enjoys nature and all of the beauty it offers, so the environment is very important to us. We want to be stewards of the land, so my job is to educate people on how to do that. I think, if you care, you have to share and I love sharing the benefits of ENJO so people have a choice to protect our environment. The way I see it, I cast a stone that creates many ripples.”


– Cyndy K

What is the ENJOpreneur’s job?

ENJOpreneurs have 2 jobs: To help families create ENJOpure homes, and to share the ENJOlife.


What does that mean? 

Helping homes “go ENJOPure” is when families eliminate toxic cleaning chemicals and single-use cleaning products from their home and use only water and ENJO Fibres to clean. This saves families time and money, improves the health of their indoor air and surfaces, and prevents toxic chemicals and paper/plastic waste from entering the environment.


Sharing the ENJOlife is giving others in the community the opportunity to share ENJO to their circle of connections and earn an income doing so.  Sharing the business opportunity means that others can have a chance to change their family’s financial situation, and reap other benefits – more confidence, a new sense of community and purpose, travel and other rewards!


Plus, with over 14 MILLION homes in Canada (and all of them needing to clean), there is a lot of work to be done to make homes healthier, and a lot of opportunity for people you know to make a difference.

laurie c 2

“My husband wanted me to become an ENJOpreneur! He wanted me to teach people how I was cleaning our farmhouse. I can actually give people a solid proven solution to cleaning the best way possible. Cold water, ENJOTex fibres, no fumes to breathe and no harm to the septic system…and the sparkle is always there after cleaning.” 



– Laurie C

How does an ENJOpreneur do their job?


There are 3 primary ways that our ENJOpreneurs work to share ENJO and the ENJOlife:  Group Demos, Personal Appointments and Customer Care.


If you’ve tried ENJO for yourself, you know already:  Once you see ENJO in action, you’re amazed by the cleaning results and sparkle, and you want to bring ENJO into your home. Our ENJOpreneurs work gives clients the chance to have that experience!


Group Demos help a group of friends learn and experience ENJO together, in a fun and relaxing environment.  It gives a chance for everyone to benefit from the questions asked, and the Host is rewarded with FREE ENJO Shopping:  This is ENJO’s gift to our Hosts for helping our ENJOpreneur share our important messages about health and the environment with their guests.


Personal Appointments help a client or family learn about ENJO in a one-to-one environment, focused on their surfaces and their cleaning challenges. The ENJOpreneur provides customized advice and allows the family to choose how they’d like to proceed on their road to ENJOPure.

Customer Care is serving those clients who have invested in ENJO, to make sure they’re reaping ALL of the benefits of their ENJO. It’s also an opportunity to help them decide what they need to see next, and where in their home they will eliminate toxic chemicals next.


What benefits do our ENJOpreneurs receive from their work?

  • Generous income (20-33% commission on sales)
  • A flexible schedule that works around family, life and work schedules
  • Personal rewards including free ENJO and gifts
  • Opportunities to travel, locally and internationally
  • Continuing world class training to build skills & confidence
  • A community of supportive ENJOpreneurs to share ideas & celebrate successes
  • Sense of satisfaction that they are part of making a difference

“My proudest moment as an ENJOpreneur was when I earned a trip to Austria – not once but twice! No other company has allowed me to have a moment like that!”


– Gail L

Is it easy to get started as an ENJOpreneur?

Starting your ENJOpreneur business is simple.


  1. Set up a chat with the ENJO Canada National Team through your ENJOpreneur, or by emailing info@enjo.ca.
  2. We’ll connect by phone to learn more about you and answer your questions to help you determine if the ENJOLife is for you.
  3. Once you’ve signed our ENJOpreneur Agreement, we’ll get your Business Kit on its way to you.
  4. You’ll start your training: A globally tested and proven system of person-to-person training and video training to give you all the tools you need to get off to a successful start.
  5. You’ll host your own Kick Off Demo, and you’ll start booking your future Demos and Personal Appointments.


Of course, that’s not the end of our connection.  We’ll continue to support you and offer training & motivation to keep you going strong!

For over 18 years we’ve helped hundreds of ENJOpreneurs tap into their potential and create a business that gives them perks they never knew they needed.